Pests - Ants

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In our country lives in dozens of different species of ants. Ants problems the most frequently produce varieties of sugar ant, carpenter ant, as well as a new entrant pharaoh ant.

Sugar ant

Sugar ant is the most common problems causing the ants variety in Finland. In general, the sugar ant nest can be found next to the outside of the plinth, stone slabs beneath or other similar place. Indoors, it is found in food in general search trip. Sugar ant is harmless, but easily penetrates sensitive food.

Sugar ant identification:

Sugar ant is 4mm long, black ant.

Sugar ant control

Sugar ants in the fight against perform outdoor spraying. The pesticide is applied by spraying the outside of the house plinth, stone tiles of the essential points and any instances of the nest.
Indoors, we use two different methods. If the quantity of sugar ants indoors is small, we use a bait method. 
Bait method operates to assemble bait stations locations where ants occur. If we use bait method, the customer debate a special measures. 
If the quantity of sugar ants is big, we use the injection method, even indoors. Then insecticide treated with floor moldings.

Preparing for pesticide handling (Injection processing)

Drain and skirting the outer side of the plinth in bulk, however, large objects do not have to go to transfer. 
Please note that the state in which the pestcide treatment is carried out, do not stay in the next 2 hours of preparation. Pregnant women and people suffering from asthma should avoid stay in state for 5 hours after treatment. 
Aquariums should be covered with a cloth and take the filter system off the end of the 2 hour treatment.

NB! Where there is involvement of the apartment complex, commissioned by pestcide treatment, make sure that you are either be on the spot yourself or that the keys of the apartments complex have access to your apartment.

Carpenter ant

Finnish carpenter ants are the most common ant. Carpenter ants make their nest in a tree most commonly the lower pants. Indoors carpenter ant found, when it makes a nest building wooden structures. Carpenter ant does not actually eat the wood, but the wood material to build for themselves passages.

Carpenter ant identification

Carpenter ant is 6-18 mm long black ant, whose trunk is dark brown.

Carpenter ant control

If the carpenter ants occurs indoors, you should contact our professionals. Each instance of the carpenter ant is different, so the carpenter ants are always made against the individual plan.

Pharaoh ants

Pharaoh ants is extremely small, about 2 mm long ant. In color it is yellowish, reddish or even transparent.

Preparing for the pesticide handling

Pharaoh ants are extremely difficult to combat ants species. 
The fight against pharaoh ants we use bait method, in which the bait stations are installed pharaoh ants thoroughfares. Bait method using the client does not need to prepare pesticide treatment. If the pesticide treatment has ordered a condominium, the tenant should take care, that is the spot pesticides during processing or to take care of pets out of the apartment and take care of the house the company has the appropiate key to the apartment at their disposal (e.g. a master key).