Pests - Silverfish

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Silverfish is occuring in humid indoor animal side. Silverfish normally found in sewers, kitchens, bathrooms and basements. Silverfish spread through the piping penetrations apartment to another very easily.

Oven caterpillar

Oven caterpillar is much rarer than the silverfish, but still occurs widely in Finland. Because of this the oven caterpillar usually spelled thermal equipment and kilns you specify.

Identification of the silverfish

Silverfish is about 1cm lond silver-colored scaly adverse animal.

Identifying oven caterpillar

Oven caterpillar is slightly larger than the animal side silverfish. It is also much darker and it's pages have a yellowish hair.

Preparing for the pesticide handling

Drain skirting ledges bulk, large objects do not need to go to pass. Empty the lockers lower parts of clothing, as well as the lower parts of the kitchen base cabinet.

Please note that  the state in which the pestcide treatment is carried out, do not stay in the next 2 hours of preparation. Pregnant women and people suffering from asthma should avoid stay in state for 5 hours after treatment. 

Pet animals should be out of the apartment pestcide handling time and 2 hours after treatment.

Tanks should be covered with a cloth and take the filter off the system for a period of 2 hours of preparation.

NB! Where there is involvement of the apartment complex, commissioned by pestcide treatment, make sure that you are either be on the spot yourself or that the keys of the apartment complex have access to your apartment.