Pests - Silverfish / Oven caterpillar (firebrat)

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Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) mainly occur in humid places indoor. They can be e.g. found in sewers, kitchens, bathrooms and basements. They spread very easily from one apartment to another through pipeline and drains.

How to identify silverfish?

Silverfish is about 1 cm (10 mm) long mainly silver-colored creature with scales.


Oven caterpillar

Oven caterpillar (firebrat) (Lepismodes inquilinus) is much rarer than the silverfish, but it still occurs widely in Finland. Oven caterpillar (firebrat) requires very high temperatures (over 25°C) to breed. Because of that, oven caterpillars are usually identified in places where thermal equipment exists and food is available e.g. in bakeries and restaurants.

How to identify oven caterpillar?

Oven caterpillar (firebrat) is slightly larger and darker than the silverfish. It has also yellowish hair on its sides.

Silverfish and oven caterpillar control

We control silverfishes and oven caterpillars with the spraying method.

In that method, pesticide is spread to the surfaces with a rather low pressure (< 3 bar/atm) and with rather large drops (0,2-0,3 mm). Treatment needs to be carried out 2 times 4-5 weeks apart.

How to prepare for our pest control process?

For our pest control process to be carried out as smoothly and efficiently as possible, you shall also help us by doing some preparation work before we arrive to your location. You shall…

Remove all things away from where the pest control is about to take place e.g. lower parts of your wardrobe and/or kitchen sink closet. You shall also take away you pets and kids. If you have aquarium, you should cover and take its filter system off before the treatment takes place.

NOTE! If you are not at home when we execute the treatment, please make sure that you have taken your pets out from your apartment and the master key of your housing company have access to your apartment. Thank you!


Please note that after the pesticide treatment has been carried out, you are not allowed to enter your apartment before 2 hours has passed by. Pregnant women, kids, pets and people suffering from asthma shall stay away at least 5 hours.


If you want to get rid of your silverfish problem, please contact us!