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Bed bug

Bed bug as well as the various steps of the larvae, sucking human blood frequently during sleep. Bed bug bite is not for most people will be penalties, but for some it may cause swelling, itching or hives. Bed bugs are now detected around Finnish. Most commonly, it will be accompanied by a visit to the places where bedbugs occur, such as apartment to another, or trips abroad.

Bed bug identification

Bed bug is 2-5 mm long (adult individuals may be up to 8 mm long) and flat side animal. Most bed bug is brown in color, but fasting bed bugs may be much lighter, almost colorless.

Doubts about your situation?

Our disinfecting professional may want to check your flat bed bug situation. We have the latest and most effective methods for surveying a bed bug situation. If necessary we use also has a bed bug dog, that has left none of the bedbug does not remain undiscovered.

Bed bug control

The fight against bed bugs is extremely challenging, because the bed bug can live fo long periods of fasting in various spaces in the gaps and cracks.
Fight against bed bugs, we use the injection process carried out on average about 2-4 times every week. 
Injection process we go through the state of crevices and fissures, where bedbug may have to hide from occurring. In connetion with the fight against bedbug is possible that some furniture, such as beds, have to be disposed.

If you want to get rid of your bed bug problem, please contact to us!