Pests - Rodents

Rats and mice live everywhere in the world, most commonly where people also live. Indoors, rats and mice are encountered most commonly in cellars, warehouses and sewers. They have a special ability to adapt to different living conditions and thus rodents have spread everywhere also here in Finland.

Even though rats and mice do destruction by eating foods, they are still primarily a hygiene problem. Simply because they spread various and dangerous diseases (without getting sick by themselves) e.g. by defecating to the foodstuff.


If you have a problem with rodents, please contact us!

Identification of rodents

Rodents can be generally identified by their long and round body. Rodents also have a long tail.

Rodent control

We treat your rodent problem always as an individual case. Simply because every problem depends highly on the number of rodents identified as well as the neighborhood, in which the rodent problem occurs.

Therefore, please contact us, the rodent control professionals. Unique protection plan for your problem is our key to success.


For rodent control, we prefer bait method. In that method, bait stations designed for professional use are carefully installed to the strategic locations.

You shall also inquire our contract policy.

When we have an agreement, we put it in practice by installing various professional bait stations permanently to the rodents’ passages. After that, our qualified disinfector will take care of their regular monitoring and makes sure that they are in operation every day of the year. By working like that, we will stop the rodents before they become a problem in your neighborhood.


If you want to get rid of your rodent problem, please contact us!