Pests - Rodents

If you have a rodent problem, please contact us.

Rats and mices

Rats and mices live around the world, most commonly in the vicinity of people. Indoors, rats and mices encountering into the most commonly cellars, warehouses and sewers. They have a special ability to adapt to different living conditions and rodents are spelled all over Finland.

Except that rats and mices do play havoc by eating foods, they are still primarily a problem of hygiene, because they spread diseases defecation food materials.

Identification of rodents

Rodents generally be identified by the long and round body. Rodents, the sign is also regarded as a long tail.

The fight against rodents

The fight against rodents is always individual, depending on the number of rodents as well as the region in which rodents occurs.
Please contact the professionals. Unique protection plan for your particular problem is the key to success.


Bait method, in which the bait stations for professional use are placed in strategic locations. As well as private housing companies that might want to ask our contract law.
Agreement in practice, we invest in bait stations permanently rodents passageways. Then qualified disinfecting take care of the fact that the monitoring and bait stations are in place and operational every day of the year.