Pests - Cockroaches

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Cockroach has since ancient times been a resident of our planet. Cockroach inhabited the earth long before man and will remain long after us. 
Cockroach are found here in Finland we have many different species. For all cockroach species is unified, however, is that they are real food pests.
Cockroach lives in small cracks in which it leaves the cover of darkness to dine. Cockroach is not only very disgusting, it also spreads diseases, such as bacterial and viral diseases.

Identifying a cockroach

Cockroaches are found most frequently in Finland cockroach. Which is 10-15mm long and flat. 
Its coloring is dark brown. However, cockroaches have many different species, so the size can vary considerably.

Preparing for pesticide handling

Pestcide cockroaches processing takes place bait method. You do not need to prepare for the debate a pesticide other than to make sure that access to housing is uninhibited. 
The tenant should take care that the apartment no pets during the handling of pesticides, and that the key to the apartment complex have access to the apartment. Another option is to be on the spot during pesticide handling.