Antitec Oy - PestControl Fin Ltd is a totally Finnish company with focus on pest control.

Antitec was founded at 2005 in Turku. Company was established to serve especially Finnish West Coast residents better and with higher professional skills than ever before that.

Founding members of our company possessed already then, several years of practical work experience from professional pest control. But their basic educations (especially from restaurant industry and hygiene) with high-level personal and quality standard requirements, exceeded the existing level of the pest control industry in Finland.

Quickly, the demand of Antitec high-quality pest control and management services expanded to the metropolitan area and its surroundings and made it possible to open a new office to Helsinki. Since that, our business has continuously expanded to cover the whole Finland.


High quality in all our daily operations

Our company was founded to provide high quality pest control and management services also here in Finland. Hygiene skills, chemical know-how and customer oriented attitude were also required from people.

From those requirements, began to take shape our company values, which are:

  • Quality
  • Commitment to customers
  • Expertise

Mission statement of our company can be guided from those values. It is:

"High-quality work is the result of professionalism and customer commitment. Quality produces customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction makes successful business."

If you want a high-quality business partner, please contact us.