Pest control
Pest control means the removal of already located animal organisms, such as ant control.

More information about the most common pests you can find from our pests pages. By clicking on the name of the pest, you are directed to the page, where you can find more information about the pest and for example on how to control it.

After that, please contact us, so you will not only terminate the currently visible problem, but you will also get the pests removed from your neighborhood for a long period of time.

If you cannot find the information you are searching for, please also check out our identification chart, and/or contact our customer service. Do not worry, together we will find a solution to your pest problem!


Pest management

Pest management is our service to both private and business customers.

It means continuous pest management in your premises. That is, we install to your premises, a pest management system, which is in operation 24 hours in every day of the calendar year. System maintenance and control is our responsibility.

Just outsource your pest management to us and you can sleep your nights well. Continuous reporting is a key to our success!



Most effective way to disinfect the large and challenging spaces, is to do it with professional tools and with high expertise. Our disinfection procedures are always unique. Please contact us, if your space that requires disinfection, is either a household, factory, warehouse or henhouse.

Taking samples from groceries or surfaces

We can also offer you a high-quality cleanliness plan tailored just for your business. Keep your self-control plan up to date for in-house control by allowing us to design the plan and let us take care of sample taking.

With proper planning, you know the quality of your food materials continuously. In that way, you can save you own and your employees time – and time is money.

Please contact us, so that we can design together a perfect self-control and hygiene plan for your business.


Please also study our services below based on your profile.


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