What are pests?

Pests can be calculated from all animal forms, which cause either physical or aesthetic harm to people in residential buildings, in the yard or in industry. In Finland, the most common household pests are a bed bug, silverfish, fur beetles and rodents. In general, pest needs to grow large before they become hazardous to humans. In many cases the destruction of pests becomes difficult and it is advisable to consult a professional in the field.

Where the pests come from?

Many of the worst food pests are originally from abroad, but they have reached in our contry permanently colonize the various production plants and warehouses. These may diverted for the products and their packaging with the trade through various stages all the way to the consumer's home. A number of pest individuals is continuously transported to our country imports more goods involved. Retail trade are often only a washer in an embarrassing chain. 
There are also a lot of species that are completely wild in our country and transported through the real estate quite natural route, that is, flying or otherwise convective external areas indoors.

How to recognize the pests?

Pest are the easiest to identify on the basis of distinctive marks. Identification of the chart  makes it easy to identify the different pests.




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