What animals can be identified as pests?

All animals, which cause either physical or aesthetic harm to people in households, yards or in industry, can be identified as pests. In Finland, the most common household pests are bed bug, silverfish, fur beetle and different kind of rodents e.g. rats and mice. In general, pest population needs to grow rather large before they become hazardous to humans. In many cases, the destruction of pests becomes a difficult task and therefore it is highly recommended to consult a professional in the field, like us.


Where do pests come from?

Most of the worst food pests have come to Finland from abroad. Here they have permanently colonized in different kind of production plants and warehouses. From there, they may transfer through various stages of the grocery trade (e.g. in products and in packaging material), all the way to your home.

More pests are continuously transported to our country with the imported goods. Retail trade is often only an intermediate ring in this rather an embarrassing chain. However, there are also a lot of pests that live wild in our country and therefore they are transferred to your home in quite natural route, for example by flying or by penetrating from outdoors to indoors.

How to recognize pests?

Pests can be identified the easiest way by their distinctive marks. Our Identification chart makes it easy for you to identify different kind of pests.


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